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Jul 13

Write your story

Francesca Battistelli is a young lady with a heart for God. She writes music to stir up the things of God in people seeking him as well as to edify the church. One of her more recent songs entitled  “ write your story” speaks powerfully to Christian and seeker alike. The chorus is as follows;


I'm an empty page

I'm an open book

Write Your story on my heart

Come on and make Your mark


Author of my hope

Maker of the stars

Let me be Your work of art

Won't You write Your story on my heart


Write Your story, write Your story

Come on and write Your story, write Your story

Won't You write Your story on my heart


This is so counter- cultural as the big message out there is to live for yourself and not be dictated to by any authority figure or philosophy. The idea of allowing someone else to live their life through you and to lay down your own plans and ambitions and desires strikes against the prevailing attitude of young and old alike.


The only way any of us gets to a place where we lay down our life for Christ and allow him to lead us in every little detail is to come to a place of absolute trust. To truly trust someone though , especially with our heart , requires for that person to have earned our trust by a sacrificial giving of themselves so we know that their love for us is perfect. When we discover that the greatest sacrifice possible has already been done for us we can begin to allow God entrance into our life until we hold on less and less and trust him more and more.


So , today, pray this prayer with Francesca. Tell the Lord that you are willing for him to now write HIS story on your heart and let go of the one you had planned. In doing so we will reap immense rewards but it cannot happen while we still run the details of our own life. Give up control and begin to trust the creator of the universe. Christ is the greatest treasure you will ever find.



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