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Jun 4

Dealing with the inner Saducee

The religious people who blocked Jesus ministry had particular problems that if we are not careful we can fall into as well.  They were sincere enough and very committed to their understanding of scripture yet they stood totally in the way of God’s plan for their lives and for the whole of Israel and even for the world. Jesus let them know in many ways that their heart attitudes were preventing growth in their life and also keeping others from the kingdom yet they stubbornly resisted what he had to say.

The key issue with the Saducee was their belief that there was no resurrection after death. This of course even got the Pharisees upset and was clearly contrary to what Jesus taught. When Jesus rose from the dead it was both the Saducees and Pharisees who refused to believe it though for different reasons.

When we live as if there is no life beyond this one or live as if this life was more important than the next we engage our inner Saducee who lived just for this world. The times though when we most live out of our inner  Saducee is when we live as if Jesus did not rise from the dead even if we believe it in our minds. If our lives are not full of the power of God in all sorts of ways we are becoming more like a Saducee than a radical follower of the resurrected Jesus Christ.  Power from God is supposed to flow by the Holy Spirit in our lives through Christ to bring changes to our context. We will see victory over sin and prayers answered when we live in the power of the risen Christ. We will have the faith to trust God when life suddenly gets very tough as the power of the risen Son of God flows in our inner being. We will experience the power of victory over depression and fear when the power of the love of Christ pushes out all such debilitating things and replaces them with a strong confidence in our heavenly Father.  We will see miracles happen as the resurrection itself was the most amazing of all miracles and God expresses his desire to work in our world through such spiritual interventions in the physical and material world.

We are a new creation through the risen Christ. Don’t fall back to any old ways such as living out of the inner Saducee. We are free from such thinking and free to live in the power of God


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