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Apr 1

Lessons from the TARDIS

How amazing is the TARDIS?  ( Time And Relative Dimension In Space). It can go anywhere in the Universe, go back and forward in time and has enormous inner space within a tiny  outer framework.

Apparently it used to be able to morph so its outer shape could alter in a myriad of ways. In 1963 though(during the very first episode)  the chameleon mechanism got scrambled and it has remained in the shape of a London Police box ever since.

It has also been revealed that the TARDIS is in fact alive and is clearly female. Sometimes  the TARDIS ends up somewhere other than what the Doctor has set it for.  This we understand as just being the mind of the TARDIS directing the Doctor to where he needs to go not where he wants to go.

People who follow Jesus discover that the christian life is a bit like being in a TARDIS, though the TARDIS sad to say is fiction and did not even exist prior to 1963.

Jesus said that those who follow him must walk the narrow way and avoid the commonly traversed broad path which leads to destruction. The amazing thing is that once you truly step onto the path that Jesus calls us to we instantly discover that there is not only plenty of room for everyone it is also filled with all sorts of beautiful areas that were not visible even close to the track. The broad way is seen for being the dry and dusty desert it really is while the narrow path provides a huge abundance of creeks and orchards and forests and stunning scenery that was totally missed before. 

Jesus is also from another world beyond this one. He did not arrive in a TARDIS but in the vulnerable body of a human Jewish baby. He was born as one of us. He did not even have two hearts like the Doctor but he was fully God and also fully man. He did not use a sonic screwdriver but allowed large nails to be hammered into his hands to be sacrificed on our behalf. Once we accept that we have so rebelled against a loving, just,  powerful,  creator God (who is so far above us he even lives outside of time ) then we can receive a spiritual life within us that enables us to be transported in a spiritual realm to a place far more beautiful than any planet the Doctor has ever visited.

Step onto the narrow path and you will experience the reality of something even more magnificent than the TARDIS. The way of Jesus is full of wonderful surprises and the travel is not limited to this Universe. Come and link yourself to the one who entered time to save us and draw us to himself in love. His name is Jesus.


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