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Apr 26

After the resurrection


As the days and weeks went by after the death of Christ, Jesus appeared to more and more of his followers. It was to be the witness of the followers that would be the “proof” of the resurrection, not Jesus appearing to the world. How easy it would have been to appear to Pilate, to Herod, to the Pharisees and to Caesar. Yet, Jesus went to those who loved him, to those who missed him deeply, to those whose hearts were broken at the loss of their Lord and friend. Jesus shows us in this that he chooses to limit his revelation to the work of his people. If the truth of the resurrection was not shared then the world would never have known. How extraordinary is this truth!

Jesus works through his body ,the church. If we do not pray or do not share about who he is and what he has done for us all then how will they ever know? It is of course easy for God to just convict everyone in our city about their sin, yet he waits for our heartfelt , full of faith prayers and our bold and humble witness. Why wait for us? Why limit his work to the obedience of his people? Jesus has said that we are now his body, his very own life here on earth. We are to live knowing that Jesus , each day, is waiting,  ready for us to lay down our old life and die so that his powerful life can be glorified in our own.

Jesus appeared to the first disciples to give them both hope and a calling. Christ authorized them to take his life and teaching to the world and make disciples. This is still his only method to reach the world.

This is an awesome privilege and a wonderful truth. Let’s accept it by faith and let the plan of Christ unfold as we are impacted by his resurrection and obedient to his commission.



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