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Feb 21

And what about demons and the devil?



The bible starts with “ In the beginning God…” and the origin of the world and the first humans is described.  Not only was the physical dimension created but so was the spiritual. God is the creator of all things on every plane of existence.

The devil is seen by many in the western world as an imaginary character that is the product of an overactive imagination and the need to blame something for the wrong in the world that we see instead of taking personal responsibility.

While little is taught about the origin of Satan in the bible he is very real and carrying out a programme that keeps people from encountering  Jesus and finding freedom and forgiveness. The devil and his crew ( called “ unclean sprits “ by Jesus when he walked on the earth)  are the source of selfishness and evil. 

These evil spirits only completely possess a few people though they oppress untold millions in one way or another.  Films of “ devil possession” portray an individual with immense power but don’t always show that to be “ sold out to Satan” is a terrible thing that plunges you and all those around you into darkness.

More common is the tempting and deceiving work that the devil does through his demons.  It is common today especially in the medical field to consider a belief in demons as being not just antiquated but unhealthy and even a sign of mental imbalance. It is viewed by some as being unwilling to take responsibility for our own weaknesses and get help to overcome them.

The reality is Satan will keep in the shadows and do his work even if we believe in him or his demons or not. While some people do have an “ unhealthy obsession” with evil spirits and give the devil more credit than he is due they are probably the exception. It is a healthy thing to know that there is a true daily battle between light and darkness and if we are not walking in the light of Christ then we are very likely being deceived by Satan and stumbling around in the darkness.

The way through all of this is to come to Jesus Christ who is the true light and turn away from all that God’s word says is wrong in our lives otherwise we follow in the ways of the devil unwittingly and the truth has no place in our hearts.  Jesus rescues us from all the damage that the devil wants to inflict upon us. Turn to Jesus today and don’t let the devil lead you any further astray.  It is much better in the light than the darkness.



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