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Jul 20

A sense of calm


How are you going reading through God’s word this year? Whether you do a little or a lot the key thing is to get back on the horse once you have fallen off. We need God’s word in our lives desperately. There are so many influences out there that unless we are regularly being drawn back to truth we will be sucked into a lie one way or another.

Reading God’s word has a heap of advantages. One of these is perhaps not given the high profile it needs. When we consistently read the scriptures expecting to hear the voice of Christ we will have an increasing sense of calm about life. The worrying aspects of our lives that can cause much turmoil is gradually replaced by a deep sense that “ My Father has it all worked out.” His plan is always being perfectly carried out and we ( you and I ) are completely a part of his plan.  We are not annoying plebs in the universe of a distant creator but people made in his image who are loved.  We are loved in Christ and we are sons and daughters of the king.

As you read his word and continue to make it one of your highest priorities hand over all that the Spirit is prompting you to let go of. Picture the Father telling you that he “ has it all covered.” And then thank him for it. Gradually you will have less and less areas you have to carry yourself. You will be increasingly closer to that place where a sense of calm is yours despite the huge amount of things that try to pull you away from trust in Christ. It is every bit as important to trust Jesus with the little everday things as the overwhelmingly huge trials. As you trust and obey each day the threat of any looming storm will have less impact and your foundations will stay strong.  A sense of calm only happens as we remain in Christ. He is to us our sense of calm.





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